Our Expertise

Marketing Experts as they say!

Our expertise is founded on our knowledge, experience of our highly-skilled staff and our willingness to explore new ways of working.

Marketing cycles within social media may be short, but social strategies, by necessity, are ongoing. Our Marketing Pros conceptualize, plan, prepare, execute, and manage social media profiles.

Our Mantra
1st : Idea – Collaborate - Roadmap
2nd : Prepare – Configure - Pilot
3rd : Manage – Measure - Adjust

Top-rated search engine optimization (SEO) firm in Mumbai & Delhi. Search engine optimization is quite frankly one of the broadest and most popular services that we provide here at Make My Brand Social. Watch your website propel up the search engine listings.

Off-site SEO factors have been transforming its filters to become more reliant in data that are outcomes from pure marketing efforts (off-page SEO is pure marketing).

Our SEO team Designs the SEO Strategy considering the Links, Social Data, Brand Signals, SERP Performance & Sentiments.

We help professionals and companies protect, promote, manage and repair their online reputation.

We :
• Remove negative, misleading, inaccurate and damaging content.
• Suppress damaging content such as lies, rumors, or other hurtful material from showing up in your search results.
• Neutralize bad press reports or articles.
• Proliferate great news about you.
• Create positive information that reflects your true reputation.

Our Other Expertise Includes :

• Film promotion
• Business Strategy
• Email Marketing
• Commercial Blogging
• Online Public Relation
• Video Marketing
• Network marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Pay Per Click Marketing
• Online Marketing Training

Is that all ?

No! More than the mentioned services we are also experts in singing, cricket, out-of-the-box stuffs, wrestling (at times) football and eating... Quite a lot! Join us sometime, we love socializing.